Composting toilet, 2008, sanitary

The development started with a deep chemical lavatory design research and development of strategy and production.

At the stage of research, we have learned the basic design principles of competition and composting toilets. We can say that our designers are experts in the field of processing waste products. We have classified different types of biological, chemical and physical processing. We also studied the psychological and hygiene factors of use, including sharing. At this stage, we analyzed the possible production technology.

At the stage of the strategy, we have combined all the factors in the supply chain. We segmented the market and identified the key priorities for each of the segments. For example, the importance of hygienic and pure image standard ceramic sanitary ware and expensive for the average segment. In this case, we have determined the most effective range of products based on the modular production. We have formed the basic principles of the designer, which is the next step was to create a single form for two fundamentally different in layout processing methods excreta. Designer must also take into account the difference in the low-price segment design, planned to use the simplified design of polyethylene, and the middle segment, where it was planned to use acrylic plastic with additional construction details.

Thus the task of the designer on the stage of industrial design was not just draw a beautiful and modern forms, and solve complex technological and logistical puzzle. Naturally without aesthetics and ergonomics in this project can not do, because the consumer does not care about the problems of logistics, it is important to be, roughly speaking, comfortable and beautiful. And of course cheap.

At the design stage, and in fact much earlier in the project joined engineers and technologists as the design department, "Smirnov Design" and all contractors. Only in this way we were able to effectively design all internal components, finalize the design stage and to release a full set of design documentation for all parties of the project.

During the construction phase was made a few prototypes and pre-production designs, which we practiced complex elements, durability aspects and nuances of technology of vacuum forming. Thus the stage of prototyping phase flowing into pre-production, as the latter prototype could be called the first production model.

This project is a good example of how a designer, using a systematic approach, a bridge between disciplines such as logistics and economics, engineering, and production, biology and physics, aesthetics and ergonomics.

Obviously, without a thorough analysis first designer would not have come to such a comprehensive and efficient solution.


Work list:
Design research
Product design
Production development

Nadya Orlova
Sergey Dresvyannikov
Arkady Kalina
Vladimir Dobryansky
Grigoryeva Yekaterina
Anton Surygin
Sergey Romanov
Pavel Zinoviev