Russia's first superconducting scanner MR Scanex

In a press release about the new RTI scanner MR Scanex reads as follows:

    * The first superconducting scanner in Russia
    * The world's only scanner for orthopedics and
      traumatic limb with a field 1.5 T
    * 10 patents
    * The high spatial resolution in the world
    * Clarity is 3-4 times higher than other imagers
      manufacturers of scanners
    * The price is 3 times lower than that of large scanners
    * Placed in the area of 9 sq. m.
    * Works without filling with helium 1.5 years
    * Requires a minimum number of personnel to
    * Ability to create a mobile device

We are full of pride in the fact that we have made a significant contribution to the creation of Russia's first imager based on a superconducting magnet force of 1.5 Tesla.

We have created a decent case for advanced technology, which is the apex of the pyramid technology in medical technology. This scanner has the best performance in the world, putting the highest bracket to give the designers and constructors of our company.

Experts "Smirnov Design is not only thoroughly studied the economy of the tomographic studies and developed a design, but also designed the inner chassis and mount enclosure that is also manufactured housing parts.

As in previous projects, coordinated work, good knowledge of technology and materials, as a systematic approach to design allowed to implement such a complex task from concept to finished industrial design for life a little more than six months.
It's very fast, believe me!

This is not the first project, where SmirnovDesign contractor performs the complete cycle from design to production housing complex medical equipment. Recent years the development of design and construction of medical equipment for us is a priority.