We won the Red Dot Design Award!

We want to share with you a great news - Today, on the 1st of July, in the Essen city in Germany the official ceremony of awarding the winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award took place.

And the product fully developed by the "Smirnov Design" company was one of the winners! The product to receive such a high assessment of the international jury was the multipurpose disposable splint Bimedico - an indispensable tool in the work of ambulances.

For those who is anaware this award is like an "Oscar" in the field of Product Design. The award is given to designers and production companies for their outstanding quality and outstanding achievements in the development of consumer goods.

The online exhibition of the winners is already opened on the official site of the award. As well as the splint itself among other winners of the contest will be exhibited at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, which is by far the world's largest collection of achievements of modern design.

reddot printscreen

It is worth noting that this victory is especially valuable because today is extremely rare that a product fully designed and manufactured in Russia recieves such a high appreciation at the international level. Unlike the Red dot Design Concept, for Russia this is only the 5th prize for the real, manufactured product - Red Dot Design Award (Product design). And this year, we were the only Russian team, which became a finalist award.

We sincerely hope that this experience will be continued and repeated in our new projects, and the award itself will become an incentive both to us and to our colleagues to more actively present themselves and their work to the world community.