Mobile diagnostic device, Angioskan, 2012

Specialists of "SmirnovDesign" took part in the development of a new mobile diagnostic device for "AngioScan". This is a small innovative device which while attached to the ear, measures the human bloodstream, and then sends the data to your mobile and cloud services, enabling early diagnosis of a number of social diseases - such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

The company "AngioScan" appealed to us for help one month before the final stage of "Skolkovo MD" contest. The competition itself has started in May 2012 and was conducted in order to select the best concepts of mobile diagnostic devices. In September, took the place the semi-final stage of the competition, and top 12 developers were selected among 52 teams. Later on december 12, finalists, including our customer, presented to the jury their venerable concepts of mobile diagnostic devices designed to help people maintain health through early diagnosis and prevention of disease.

Our task is to create design and construction of the device. The work was carried out very quickly - in less than a week, the designers have prepared three design concepts, from which one was selected and structurally refined. After that, we made a prototype of the product, which was introduced to the jury.

As a result, the unit has brought the company "AngioSkan" victory in the competition, and at the same time money prize to develop further and launch the device in production.


Work list:
Product design
Anna Reshetnikova
Mikhail Oleynikov