Computer Case, 2006, consumer electronics

Creating one’s own unique design is probably one of the safest ways not only to protect your product from a sudden emerging of a twin but it also helps you differentiate your product in the market, create a good brand impression in customer’s eyes. Investment in design proves that the company has serious intentions and it cares about its image as a maker of unique products. This is especially important when really innovative, high-tech inner components are designed and they require a matching exterior.

That was the case of the product that was created by Kraftway, one of the technological leaders in the Russian computer market. Form-factor created by SmirnovDesign specialists adds style to the product’s image stressing modern trends of world PC-manufacturing.
The marketing aim clearly articulated by Kraftway’s new product development department helped to solve the business issue that emerged for the client. Our designers managed to combine different tasks. On the one hand it was presupposed that the product will be bought by parents for their children, for example, before going to school – it is obvious that it’s not the child that will make the decision, but the parent. On the other hand it was important to take into account and underline the image of a high-tech company known for its complex server solutions. Moreover, the designed PC had to have office features as its distribution in complex is not ruled out. All this added to the strictness and laconic image of the product design.


Work list:
Product design
Evgeny Mishin