Production development

We have a big experience of preparation for both mass and prototype production.

In most cases we deal with the manufacture of molds and molding of plastic liners, as well as the direct pressing of silicones and rubber. These processes are implemented by the company Smirnov Technologies, which is part of a group of companies SMPD (Smirnov Product Development).

In fact we are the single team that oversees the entire process of design and creating of product from idea to the mass lot.

We have connections with partners who are practicing production in various industries and with different equipment.

Thus, we can arrange a full production cycle, based on a large spectrum of available technologies:

  • plastic molding under pressure;
  • cast aluminum and aluminum alloys under pressure;
  • direct pressing silicones and rubber;
  • vacuum molding plastics (size parts up to 3 meters);
  • molding parts up to 3 meters in a vacuum of reinforced reactive;
  • gluing Fiberglass parts up to 5 meters and more;
  • selection of colors and coloring of plastics in the mass;
  • cover plastic details with solid lacquers and with coatings similar to “soft touch”;
  • powder painting of metal;
  • bending sheet metal;
  • machining metal processing (milling, etc.).


Wide range of available technologies

Own production

Collaboration with manufacturers in different countries and industries