The team

We have assembled a team of design professionals and development engineers experienced in creating successful new products for a variety of industries:
Consumer electronics, medical devices, household appliances, tools, transportation etc.
We've got degrees in: Cognitive Psychology, Anthropology, Culturology, Industrial Design, Engineering, Kinematics, Ergonomics, Manufacturing etc.
We speak: Russian, English, French, Italian, Chinese, Belarussian, Ukranian.
We use: trend analysis, forecasting, market audit, in-context interviewing, competitive analysis, consumer journey, FGI, opportunity analysis etc.
We provide: emotional themes concept development, hand made sketching, CAD modeling, 3D-visualisation, product development, user experience design.
We create: package design, product graphics, brand reviews, proficiency leadership, brand guidelines, brand language.

We know 100 ways to enhance Usability, influence Perception, increase appeal.
We aim to create not just beautiful design solutions, but solutions that drive your business.

+7 (495) 979-9117