Our engineers use 3D CAD systems to translate the intended design into functional products that can be produced with quality partners in China or Russia.
We work with either your or our producers to create a complete set of drawings and specifications for volume production.  
Rapid prototyping is used to verify the design early and refine fit and functionality.

We seek to anticipate various complications that may arise during production and achieve better results in shorter terms

We provide:
Construction development,
Creating of 3D models,
Detailed elaboration of all the constructional elements,
Endorsement of technological features with manufacture,
Preparation of documentation to creating of prototype.

Our engineers collaborate closely with our designers to secure absolute correspondence between final results and idea of designer.
We are specialists in all the ways of prototyping and we choose the best option for a specific project as no two challenge are ever the same.


Thorough selection of the manufacturer in China or Russia

Construction in accordance with production requirements

Optimization of the production process