Product design

Despite the great variety of goods on the market, it becomes difficult for manufacturers to amaze the consumers with the hight quality products.

Designing for the real world is our strength.
We create products that people love, buy, use and talk about. 

We provide:

Rapid prototyping to evaluate ergonomic issue and sensorial appeal;
Feasibility analysis;
Research of system concepts;
Modeling of the situations of use;
Identification of possible product architecture;
Grouping of internal and external blocks;
Detailing of the selected concept design;
Form factor development;
Concept prototyping;
Materials and finishes detailing;
Vendor feedback;
3D visualisation;
Material, color and finishes specification;
Final prototyping;
User testing.


Added value of a product increases

Decrease of the time to market

Reduction of the risks at the early phases

Improvement of the product’s usability and aesthetics

Increasing the competitiveness of the product

Products that resonate well with the market