Design research

Design is an instrument of your business development. Our task is to help you to use it effectively.

Before engaging in product design and development we believe it is of utmost importance to understand the target user, environment of use, unsatisfied market needs and current trends in the Russian market.
We use proven research methods to provide innovative ideas that can be translated into a successful strategy for launching new products and services in Russia.

During Design research phase we:

Analyse the sales statistics;
Analyse the press reviews and internet forums;
Analyse the competitor brands position and their development direction;
Identify possible target audiences;
Spot real life experience of the users;
Study patterns of choices of different target groups;
Organize focus group descussions;
Observe user experience in different kinds of situations
Analyse and validate identified emotional trends;
Analyse the impact of trends on future product design;
Explore emerging design opportunities;
Extract emotional themes;
Select relevant key words related to emotional themes and user experience;
Study key behaviour patterns;
Identify consumer profile.


Choosing a strategy based on objective information

Understanding user needs, desires and expectations

Deep understanding of the local culture and behavior factors

Holistic approach to solve problems

Thorough market audit

Trend research and forecasting