You bring us the most valuable things: your idea, experience and expectations. We let through them to create a product that will fit as a piece of a mosaic into the local market map, will become part of someone's life, will be a result of many people’s work.

Global experience suggests that holistic approach is required to create a truly good product. One needs to take into account all the factors of environment, from financial and technical to psychological ones. Deep understanding of a local market, culture and lifestyle is crucial. We built an approach that satisfies all these requirements, but is also sufficiently flexible, because each project is unique for us. We have been refining such an approach for a long time and as a result, we divide the work into four phases:

Immersion                ideation                 implementation                 delivery


The process of a new product or service development begins with  the stage of immersion, when we dive into the product environment to gain a deep understanding of your business, the users, decision drivers,  and trends in the frame of the Russian culture. At some point quantity converts into quality and the ideation phase comes up. There we develop design direction and positioning for your products and their communication, with strategies based on insight gained in our research. These strategies are to be translated into concepts of future products. 
When the direction and the vision are identified, we proceed to implementation which is the time to refine to final designs and to test them. After that we prepare them ready for production and help you to select cost effective quality suppliers in Russia or China.
And finally comes the moment to deliver the product to the final user. We assist you with the product realization, perform quality control and make sure the final result correlates with all the initial requirements. We support your product launch with targeted messaging and collaterals in Russian, all based on our insight and understanding.
Immersion, insight, implementation, delivery are the links in the chain, which is the foundation of a successful product.


Holistic vision

Innovative Thinking

Strategic Approach

Human-centered design

Involving the client in the process