About us

We were lucky to be the pioneers.

It’s always difficult to be among those who start practicing in a new area where there are no established patterns. Being the first design consultants in Russia we learned from our own experience, which of course has the highest efficiency. We got used to find a unique approach to each project, bring our knowledge to it but not to use a beaten pattern. It has become one of the strengths of our company. We have learned to listen and actually hear our client's, look and see the world around us, foresee and prevent difficulties.

We have been lucky with people.

We assembled a team of professionals from a variety of fields. Each of them helped shaping the philosophy of the company and creating a holistic approach to projects. We have acquired some unique for Russia technologies of new product development.  Based on comprehensive vision of our team we assist clients to discover the maximum potential for each project on the local market.

We have been lucky with clients.

We have been working with both Russian companies and International corporations that look for customization on the local market. Their high standards taught us to set the same high goals and be perfectionists in every detail, as the complex conditions of the modern market don’t allow blunders.

We are willing to improve. 

And we are sure that every new project we will perform even better.