Red Dot Design Award 2014

We want to share with you with a good news - today the 7th of July in Essen, Germany is official award ceremony of the prestigious Red Dot Award in Product Design 2014. Among all participants there is product developed by the company "Smirnov Design"! The product which received such a high appraisal of the international jury, became a medical gadget "Divider Bimedico".

The second year in a row we get award in this prestigious competition. We continue to create medical devices which make the work of physicians easier and patients treatment better. This time we thought about cardiologists and tried to help them deal with the wires of the cardiograph.

You can check the winners of this award on the official site in online exhibition. Phisical model of the gadget among other winners is exhibited in the Red Dot design museum in Essen, which today is one of the world's largest collection of achievements of modern design.


Have you ever unraveled their headphone wires? There are two of them, and now imagine if you have ten of them!
Divider Bimedico was designed for use in connection with ECG machines, which are implemented to diagnose cardiac arrhythmia. Every minute counts when it comes to saving a patient’s life. To this end, the divider reduces the preparation time required for an examination, not only by untangling the wires, but also by putting them into the physician’s hand in a functional order.